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Feeding Livestock – getting the rations right

Getting the right ration that meets livestock requirements can be done easily using some ‘back of the envelope’ sums or alternatively, using digital calculators. 

As supplements can be expensive and high rates wasteful, using a simple tool to get the right ration can be easy and provide cost effective options.   

The Pearson square is one example of a tool available to work out the right proportion of two feeds for any animal requirements.  

Agriculture Victoria has provided a short video showing an example of how to calculate the ration for protein – both on the ‘back of an envelope’ and using the Pearson square. 

Pearson Square calculation, Nick Linden, Livestock Industry Development Officer, Agriculture Victoria.

Click here and scroll to the Pearson square tile. 

The calculator can also determine the amount to feed an animal to provide the required energy it needs. 

Livestock requirements for all classes of beef cattle and sheep are also easily accessible from the ‘Useful Tables’. 

Or within the drought feeding books (Chapter 6 in the cattle and Chapter 3  in the sheep book). 

Other tools for a range of feed budgeting exercises or calculations are also available on the Feeding Livestock website, in the Tools and Calculators sections.