feed budget

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Feed budgeting takes out the guesswork

Feed budgeting is an important tool to help determine potential pasture deficits or surpluses and assist in matching feed supply and demand.

Feed budgeting allows for better and more timely decisions, such as determining the number of stock you can carry, and for how long, and the likely animal performance for different classes of stock

Sheep eating grass in a small flock

Safely getting stock onto grain

The state has experienced quite variable seasonal conditions this summer, with some areas receiving significant rain and even some very intensive events while others have remained very dry.  Either way, if there are large...

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Sheep eating grass in a small flock

To feed or not to feed – that is the question

Nick Linden and Jane Court, Agriculture Victoria With high stock prices and a favourable grain harvest looking likely is a temptation to run a percentage of lambs through on grain for earlier turnoff or...

Tools for making rations

There are a number of tools and resources that can help to develop rations for any class of stock, and for what production you are after. Here, we feature the ones that do not...