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Beck Goodwin

Myth Buster: Do livestock self medicate?

Do livestock (sheep and beef cattle) self medicate? Or find what they need if it’s available? Dr Shawn McGrath, Senior Lecturer in Animal Production at Charles Sturt University joins us to discuss the science...

Sheep and lamb on pasture

Pasture ID Resources

There are many and varied resources for helping to identify what’s in the paddock – both improved grass and legumes, native species and many weeds. The list has been compiled as ones used by...

Agriculture Victoria - Feeding Livestock Cows

Hay Quality: Is it good enough?

Bushfires and dry seasonal conditions have led to strong demand in hay supplies with many generous donations being distributed to those in need.  However, with hay quality varying more than most other types of supplements, an important question is whether it’s the best feed for livestock, especially when pasture is limiting and winter approaches.  Agriculture Victoria Livestock...