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Useful Links

AWI, Pastures – Feed on Offer (FOO) (opens in a new window)

Lifetime Wool, Energy requirements of sheep in dry seasons and contribution from pasture (opens in a new window)

Snip of the EverGraze site

EverGraze, Pasture Growth Rates (Source Prograze manual)

– a guide only as these will vary considerably with pasture species, soil type, moisture, climate and management.

Water Security – Sheep Connect SA

Water Security, Sheep Connect SA

This link to the SA SheepConnect site provides lots of resources on water volumes, consumption rates and distribution systems plus what farmers are doing as case studies in a (low) 320 mm rainfall zone.

Water Security – Sheep Connect SA

Decorative: Dairy Australia's Hay and Grain report image

Hay and Grain Report, Dairy Australia

This link to the Dairy Australia website provides access to the hay and grain market reports, which are updated 40 weeks of the year. These can be used to inform decisions on purchasing or auditing past decisions

Dairy Australia – Industry Reports – Hay and Grain Report