Pre-joining ram and bull checks and nutrition

Angus bull in paddock with cattle
Angus bull, with cattle

Pre-joining ram checks

Attention to the nutrition and health of the ram team is critical well before joining. Three useful resources provide some key actions to ensure your rams are in the best health and condition before and during the joining period.

The Lambing Planner under sheep tools & calculators allows you to alter joining or lambing dates to see the impacts on other critical times in the reproductive year. It also includes valuable and easy to follow pre-joining nutrition information for rams.

Breeding soundness checks of your rams that you can undertake are in the given article

Pre-joining ram checks | Spring 2015 | Sheep Notes newsletter | Newsletters | Support and resources | Agriculture Victoria

Finally, see how farmers who attended a ‘RAMping Up Repro’ workshop in 2019 put into practice some of the tools provided to improve the performance of their rams.

Managing your bull team

Just like rams, the nutrition and health of the bull team is important to maximum calf production. The following resource outlines how to manage your bull team to maximise herd fertility.

Feed budgeting tools on the Feeding livestock website will help producers optimise bull nutrition.