Pushing for fodder

Pushing for fodder

Fodder conservation should only occur when there is surplus feed on the farm. However, where fodder reserves have diminished after a long dry summer/ autumn or wet winter pasture growth has been slow people...

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Managing pugging and damage to wet areas

With the recent high rainfall received across some parts of Victoria, managing livestock in wet areas is front of mind for many producers. Where grazing areas are prone to pugging and waterlogging, having strategies...

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Feed budgeting takes out the guesswork

Feed budgeting is an important tool to help determine potential pasture deficits or surpluses and assist in matching feed supply and demand.

Feed budgeting allows for better and more timely decisions, such as determining the number of stock you can carry, and for how long, and the likely animal performance for different classes of stock

NEW Sheep Notes out now!

In this edition Grazing value of summer weeds – Raquel Waller, Agriculture Victoria Summer weeds – which ones are toxic? – Dr Jeff Cave, District Veterinary Officer, Agriculture Victoria Listeriosis – Dr Elle Moyle,...

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Pasture ID Resources

There are many and varied resources for helping to identify what’s in the paddock – both improved grass and legumes, native species and many weeds. The list has been compiled as ones used by...

Watch our focus on spring pastures webinar

Focus on – Spring pastures Presented by Fiona Baker, Beef Extension Officer, Ellinbank   In this webinar Fiona covers the replacement of nutrient after the removal of silage, the importance of spring tillering for grass persistence and some...