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Feeding ‘How to’ videos

A series of short ‘How to’ videos that work through key considerations for feeding livestock are now available.  The calculations are ‘back of the envelope’, easy to follow and can be readily adapted to a range of feeding scenarios for cattle or sheep.

In the 4 videos, Livestock Development Officer Nick Linden demonstrates how to calculate ‘what to feed’, ‘costing out your feeds’, ‘how much to feed’, and ‘estimating animal performance’.

  1.  ‘What to feed’ looks at the key considerations in choosing supplements for stock by calculating their requirements and the energy density of feed against its cost.
  2. ‘Costing out your feed’ shows you how to make sure what you’re feeding to your animals is the most cost-effective option.
  3. ‘How much to feed’ looks at getting the balance right in developing a feed budget by avoiding the pitfalls of too much or too little feed.
  4.  ‘Estimating animal performance’ covers the calculations to use in determining what level of performance you can expect from your cattle in comparing a couple of different feed stuffs.

The videos have been produced as part of Agriculture Victoria’s technical support program for agriculture recovery.

Click on the links to view

Costing out your feeds – YouTube

What to feed – YouTube

How much to feed – YouTube

Estimating animal performance – YouTube